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How Drivers Can Benefit From Uber for Real Estate
4 months ago


Uber recently announced that they would be targeting the real estate sector. The uber for real estate initiative aims at turning their drivers into real estate agents too. The realtors will be chosen from the team of professionals who make up the drivers. One of the writers who has been impressed by this decision tells the story of Dustin, his friend, who always dreamt of becoming a realtor. It was until he applied as an Uber driver that his dream got achieved! Anyway, there are many ways you can benefit from being a driver and a realtor with the uber for real estate!


Get extra pennies

The good thing about Uber is that it is a technological revolution. Since its inception, the company's idea has been to incorporate technology into daily life tasks. This means that the people who are skilled in information science can always get a job alongside professional drivers. Also, this is good news for drivers who will now double up as the realtors. The realtor business is now the newest way to make money for most drivers, and hopefully, it will increase their earnings.



In terms of being personable, I don't think anyone beats Uber drivers. Think about this- they are willing to drive strange people every day, for a living. This means that they can handle any kind of person. You see, a taxi driver would be willing to be polite intelligent and yet firm in his conversations. This allows them to be the perfect candidates for the real estate job! Learn more here:  www.uberrealestate.com.


Let's face it- working in the real estate business is not a walk in the park. You are going to face different people and you need to be focused and gentle at the same time. Thus, having worked as a driver for Uber would be a great advantage. It also opens doors for meeting more people and doing business!


Flexible schedules

As a taxi driver, you are likely to be used to a 'non-conventional' method of working. Your diary doesn't have to be tight as you mostly work during the evenings, night and weekends. This gives you a lot of time to do the real estate job in the day. So, you can build your real estate business while you continue to work with Uber.

In short, there is plenty in store for drivers who sign up for the Uber for real estate project. Keep reading here: https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/us-history/real-estate-industry.

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